/i-'lek-trə-nôtks/ n.
1. the science or art of ascending and traveling on the roads in electron powered vehicles.
2. the technology or art of driving electric vehicles. — elecronaut*, n. — electronautic, eletronautical, adj.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New blog for new experience...

I finally got around to starting this blog tonight.  I found out that I would become an Electronaut a few weeks ago.  Since then I have been waiting and researching (and selling our old car).

I hope to share my experience with my forthcoming BMW ActiveE.  I have had some experience with EVs after restoring and then converting my '67 VW Beetle into a VOLTSwagen, but I know my experience with be much different with my ActiveE.

My new car should be arriving at Wagner BMW tomorrow, March 16, and I hope to take the keys sometime early next week.

Also, on its way is my Coulomb Technologies CT503 EVSE wall unit so that I will be able to charge at 220V and 30Amps (4-5hrs for 0 to 100%).  I am participating in the ChargePoint America program where I was able to get the EVSE for free and only had to pay for installation.

Stay tuned...

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